Test The Tone Of Your Headlines

When writing any copy, it is important that the headline you have at the top will set the tone for your whole site. In fact, this is the most powerful text on any page.

So if it should fail to do what is required of it, then nobody is likely to even bother reading the body text. But no matter how many times you write and then rewrite the main heading for a page, you should test it.

The best way of doing this is by writing the best headline you can at first, and then write some alternatives instead. There are plenty of services on the web, such as Vertster.com, which can help you to test for the winner.

The headline on any web page is the key to engaging both the attention and interest of the visitors to that site. It only takes a few selected words, which can result in a huge impact on page conversion rates.

So keep testing what you have with alternatives until you find the right one.

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